Dalian: Ange Metering Requirements For Residential Building Energy Saving 50%

HC Heat Pump Network 1.7 thousand residential buildings in winter and heat metering devices installed Project Is in full swing. Address issues of public concern, Dalian heating Management Office head, said yesterday that lies under the table to encourage users to conduct measurement Energy At present the work in the city is still in the pilot phase. Not all are suitable for installation of residential heat metering, to meet the national Building energy efficiency Two-step standard. It is reported that, according to the table billing program is expected to be introduced before the heating period.

As a national “Heat Reform and Building Energy Efficiency” project demonstration cities, new residential buildings in the city heat metering pilot and reconstruction of existing residential buildings heating metering is being steadily, and city official said heating run, The current experimental work mainly in the next step in large scale data collection, accumulated experience. It is reported that this winter heating of the city of 1.7 thousand households will be installed on residential heating metering device, which charges by heat meter plot focused on aging and well-being of the Champs and the E family 5 of the 2000 residents and 1.5 thousand households to install heat meters to collect data on residential, to provide samples.

For some people more concerned about the old customs building insulation, however, whether measured by the table to take the issue fee is too high, city heat supply management, said not all homes are suitable for installation of heat meters must meet the state building energy efficiency 2 step standard, that is, to saving 50%. Professional who added that the installation of heat meter is mainly to allow the heat consumers have a subjective awareness of energy conservation. According to the different requirements of individual room temperature by adjusting home temperature control valve to control water flow into the home, to use less heat, less Jiaoqian purposes. “As long as building energy compliance, in principle, by metering fee charged hot way to save money than the current charges.” In addition, the source said, to install heat meter will not affect the quality of the public home heating.

Addition Yihe Champs and family well-being of E 5 230 thousand square meters of two new communities, nearly 2,000 meters of residential heating installation, the city also chose a different era of the implementation of existing residential buildings heating measure transformation. City Office of Planning, central heating, said project chief of the Ya-Ming Wang, this year the city plans to complete 1.6 million square meters of the installation tasks, a total of 22 residential quarters, more than 380 buildings residential buildings, 15,500 more households. Currently, the 22 Meter Community Safety has been in full swing, mainly in Dalian Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. Dalian heating electric heating and other 5 companies within the scope of jurisdiction

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