T’ang Court At The Langham Hong Kong – A One Of A Kind Culinary Experience

Don’t let the riddle of streets filled with pedestrians or the incessant babble of voices that rise from every corner throw you off. Hong Kong is essentially an extremely safe city and credit must be give to the city planners who have managed to create a beautiful symmetry to the seemingly jumbled streets and buildings. At first glance, this is not a city that will make you think of peace or tranquility, but for the adventurous and those seeking new and wonderful experiences, Hong Kong is the perfect place to let yourself go.

When thinking of high rollers and fashion icons, Hong Kong’s hotels and restaurants make sure that they serve only the best for the best. These luxury hotels and restaurants are where some of the most mouth watering cuisine can be indulged in, and one such restaurant is the T’ang Court at the Langham Hong Kong. This restaurant is among the world’s top hotel restaurants and has had the distinction of receiving two Michelin Stars. Having won many awards for its culinary prowess, magazines such as the US Hotel Magazine, Travel & Leisure and US Food and Wine Magazine have listed it as one of the top restaurants in the world.

Epitomizing the classic grace of the Tang Dynasty, the lavish layout complements the spacious restaurant which is renowned for it mastery in Cantonese cuisine. The menu is famous for featuring signature meals by their multi-award winning chef. The flexible nature of the restaurant is such that it offers the patron the freedom of making individual choices or leaving it in the capable hands of the Executive Chef. The Chef will provide a menu that is tailor made to your needs inserting the best dishes T’ang has to offer. The restaurant is renowned for their Dim Sum and some of their signature dishes range from a wide variety of fish to shark’s fin, bird’s nest and abalone.

With a recommendation like that, opting to stay at The Langham Hong Kong is an easy decision to make. Being a luxury hotel in Hong Kong that has a reputation as being one of the best, a stay at this place will also afford you the chance of experiencing the culinary delights of The T’ang Hong Kong Restaurant, which is an event not to be missed.

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